Friday, 27 December 2013

A fresh palette

So the first thing you'll need to know about me is that I'm a foodie. I'm not a girl you could take on a date, who would sit there and shuffle salad around a plate. I love my food and that's  that.

Formalities out of the way, I can now share with you the fabulous dish I served up on a whim after eating too much turkey this Christmas. There's only so much chocolate, stuffing and roast potatoes I can eat, and today I really fancied something fresh that wouldn't involve getting out the  pants with the stretched waist bands.
I opted for Salmon - 'American style'. Not to offend if you are from over the pond - but I've heard the Americans like to drizzle a little maple syrup on just about everything. This salmon was pre drizzled in a touch of maple syrup ready  to roast. Like I said I'm just about sick of potatoes at the moment, so I served up a citrus salad I hadn't planned this but the citrus touch was just a very much spur of the moment thing having seen the orange slices zest into the salmon through the oven door. By citrus I mean chopping up a few lemons and shoving them in a bowl with rinsed lettuce and baby salad leaves - along with some cucumbers and tomato and a bit of beetroot on the side.

I don't usually rate my cooking skills - but I could happily say that If I was ever to write one, this would be in my cook book. Not that there was too much cooking involved - more rather getting things prepared.

When roasting the maple syrup caramelised, making the salmon taste even more scrumptious than it would have done already.

I would rate this dish a nine out of ten - there is always room for improvement, but this was pretty perfect even if I do say so myself.

Until next time,
Louise xoxo

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