Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Cheers to new beginnings...


First things first, I'm starting my greetings early this year - otherwise I feel they may be a little too late. So here goes, Happy New Year! 

Most of you will have plans tonight - whether you're planning on stumbling through town in six inch heels or chilling with a bottle of wine and cheese board (I know I'll be doing the latter) I really do wish you all the very best.

A long lived tradition around this time of year is to put one, two, three or numerous New Year Resolutions in place. The New Year gives people a chance of hope to re-invent themselves, to turn their lives around and to make their dreams come true. I think that anything is possible if you really put your mind to it, but I do believe that lots of people make New Year Resolutions only to brake them a few weeks or in some-cases days later. I'm not criticising, I'm simply pointing out that certain people are in some ways too flamboyant when it comes to setting resolutions. Like I said anything is possible should you have the time to work on it, but if you want to stick to your resolutions you need to make sure that you are realistically going to be able to commit to them.

I've been thinking of mine since the beginning of November - ever the organiser that I am, and have thought of quite a few:

1. To become more dedicated to my career. 
I recently graduated from a BA Hons degree in Fashion Writing and Culture at Southampton Solent University. Since then I've been working in various industries and have in one way put my passion for writing aside. This year I've decided I need to concentrate more on my career. In saying this I mean that I would like to commit to the following:
- Approach more opportunities for freelancing.
- Network more as a freelance journalist - business cards may help me here ;)
- dress less like a student and more professionally. 
I also want to commit to doing well in my current job role which is working as an IT Helpdesk Technical Adviser and Content Producer for the online magazine. This consists of troubleshooting technical issues that come in via the helpdesk, and from January committing to writing content and generating social media strategies for the online magazine and for the Helpdesk and Company in general. - So it's not the field I've studied in i.e. fashion - but I'm open minded and they've very much met me in the middle so I'm really looking forward to making a real go of it come my return to work on January 6th.

2. Live more.
I initially thought that moving to London back in April 2013 would automatically give me an exceptional social life, it didn't. Instead I've found myself waking up, going to work, blogging and then going to bed with little to no fun in between. Toward the end of the year I began to pick myself out of this a little more, and would love to make myself an interesting life by actioning the following points:
- meeting up more often with old friends. 
- joining an activity club or signing up for a night course in a topic of interest, to meet new people as well as feeding my brain. 
- Exercise i.e. get out more, go for walks and spontaneous days out. 
- Try new foods 
- Open my mind to new cultures.

3. To become dedicated to blogging.
I've bimbled about with blogs in the past - but I feel at 23 it's time for me to either become a little more serious with blogging or to let it go. I feel it such a crucial part of my future and such and that it also keeps my passion for writing alive, so I've chosen the first choice mentioned in the last sentence and have decided to get serious.

4. Loose weight and tone up. 
There's been a lot going on in the media recently about weight and body idealism, but I feel that I've rarely felt comfortable in my own skin, and want 2014 to be the year I change how I feel about myself. I want more confidence, I want to be healthier, I want to be comfortable, I want to feel attractive and I want to look like a Pussycat Doll. I've decided that I want to loose 24lbs this year.  - I know it's a lot, but I feel this would give me the confidence in myself that I've been searching for forever. To help me in my challenge I plan to:
- Exercise - go on walks / runs and practice core exercises, I've had the gear ready since September; time to get it out from the back of the wardrobe.
- Motivate myself - I think I'll get motivated as I begin to shed some lbs, but until then I plan on reading some healthy exercise and weight loss blogs to keep me in the zone as well as talking to people and blogging about my progress. That means I'll be turning to you guys for support! So please be nice...
- Eat healthily - I'm going to explore my options on this one, and see that I get enough nutrients, vitamins, proteins etc. while sticking to a healthy and proportional diet. I've already spotted a few recipes on Pinterest and have created a board so that I can keep inspiring myself with tasty looking photographs and healthy recipes.

4. Learn to Drive. 
As I'm now living more or less independently and working in a job where my employers would potentially like me to get travelling toward the middle and end of the New Year, I think it's time for me to learn to drive. I have a fabulous little Honda Jazz parked at home in Wales taxed and insured, and now just need to learn to drive it.
- Theory test booked for end of January.
- Need to find a friendly driving instructor in North London i.e. Edgware, Borehamwood, Watford, recommendations are welcome! I intend on doing a crash course... wish me luck.
I think driving will give me more independence and freedom, and I won't need to rely on London's not so great bus services. Sorry Boris, but it's true.

So there we have it, my New Year Resolutions. Now I will pre warn you there's obviously the possibility that some of these will fly away into thin air by the end of next week - I'm apprehensive about the weight loss, but I believe that I've thought about them properly and have thought of how I will be able to realistically put them into action without too much stress or bother which should mean that this time next year, I'm looking back on these resolutions and celebrating how well they went down.

What's your take on resolutions? Do you have any for 2014? Happy New Year - 
Louise x

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